1244HP Nissan GTR Destroys EVERYONE on the drag strip!

Check out this 1244HP Nissan GTR Destroys EVERYONE on the drag strip! video.

1244HP Nissan GTR Destroys EVERYONE on the drag strip!

In this video you will see a 1244HP Nissan R35 GT-R with the Switzer Ulitmate package destroying everyone during the drag races at Supercar Sunday 2017. I think the owner had the car on a slighly lower boost map or wasn’t going full throttle (I think the car has an 800HP map too). This meant the drag races were a little closer, but the GT-R still beat everyone.
Races in this video:
1244hp Nissan GTR vs 780HP Lamborghini Aventador
1244hp Nissan GTR vs 750HP Nissan GTR
1244HP Nissan GTR vs 800HP Porsche 911 turbo
1244HP Nissan GTR vs 600HP Audi R8 V10
1244HP Nissan GTR vs 650HP Mercedes C63 AMG
Last year this GTR reached 300kph (186mph) on the 1/2 mile.
Mods on this GTR:
Switzer Ultimate / Ultimate FF package:

Switzer ball-bearing turbochargers
Switzer cast-stainless steel exhaust manifolds
Switzer turbo oil and coolant lines
Switzer high-flow downpipes
Switzer high-pressure wastegates
Switzer turbo/downpipe heat shielding and thermal wrap
High-flow intake assembly
Switzer MONSTER intercoolers
Switzer SS90 lightweight stainless steel exhaust
High-flow fuel injectors
Switzer fuel system upgrades
Switzer engine cooling PKG
Cobb AccessPort
Switzer / Sheptrans GR6 upgrade
Switzer Transmission Cooling PKG
Switzer stage 2 engine upgrade
Switzer / Sheptrans stage 4 trans, upgrade
Upgraded GTR axles
Upgraded axle stub shaft and hubs
Upper and lower differential braces
Switzer 6 wheel set w/ drag radials
Switzer brake upgrades
Switzer suspension upgrades

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